Exception pattern in Mendix

“An error has occurred, please contact your system administrator”. When a user sees this standard Mendix error message, our experience is that the notification is ignored, or contacted that something was wrong. The user just has no idea anymore when exactly or why. Helping becomes difficult. To improve the feedback that the system gives to […]

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a Dutch low code platform, which makes it possible to develop apps faster. GDK Software is a Mendix Partner. We also employ several certified Mendix developers. Mendix stimulates digital innovation in companies and improves the cooperation between business and IT. The platform is visually designed with, for example, drag-and-drop functions, so that people […]

Low code software

Low code software focuses on the visual design of applications. It uses a graphical user environment (GUI) and sets up configurations instead of writing traditional computer code. With low code development, the process of software development is accelerated because applications are built from visual blocks and flows. Should it be necessary to add handwritten code, […]

The performance of Mendix

Recently, I have been busy investigating this. In the process, I came across some remarkable and some not so remarkable things. I started by figuring out how to connect a local application to external databases and file storage services. Pretty soon I concluded that this is fairly easy to do by changing the runtime configuration […]

Azure File Link Module

Easily approach and manage files in Azure Storage from a Mendix application. That what the Azure File Link module for Mendix does. In many cases files will be stored via the integrated file storage of Mendix. However, there are also situations imaginable in which a link must be made to an Azure platform and specific […]

Mendix Microsoft Graph Connector

This year Mendix released the Microsoft Graph Connector. As soon as you want to connect something with Microsoft 365 you can’t really avoid this. With the Microsoft Graph API you can access all the things that are available in, for example, Office 365. For one of our customers, we use this module to automatically read […]