Mendix is a Dutch low code platform, which makes it possible to develop apps faster. GDK Software is a Mendix Partner. We also employ several certified Mendix developers.

Mendix stimulates digital innovation in companies and improves the cooperation between business and IT. The platform is visually designed with, for example, drag-and-drop functions, so that people without IT knowledge can easily understand it. This creates so-called citizen developers: (business) people with little IT knowledge who develop their own software.

Mendix can speed up the delivery of business applications. Because the development time is shorter and fewer mistakes are made, considerable savings can be made on development costs.

Mendix offers both no-code and low-code tools. With no-code you do not use code at all. Instead, you work with a web-based visual modeller. This makes it accessible to people who are not developers. The low-code variant is often used by developers, because by coding, they have more possibilities and can therefore expand the application. For this we use Mendix Studio Pro.

By using both no-code and low-code, we as developers can collaborate with expert users and thus accelerate development. Mendix applications are now being used within large organisations such as NS, PostNL and ANWB, but Mendix is also very interesting for smaller organisations.

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